Balance – This is the element that creates harmony in an interior space. A balance of light and dark, masculine and feminine, soft and hard surfaces, and so on, is key to making your home feel right for you and your guests.

Comfort – This is what comes from planning a room to suit the way you live and how you want to feel. When a room functions in support of your personality and lifestyle, it feels like your home, not just any home.

Simplicity – Focusing on the functional items needed for a room, and embellishing from there, keeps the final product and the process of getting there, simple and easy to manage.

Terri Keleher – Interior Decorator, Stager, Owner

Terri Keleher Interior Decorator After living abroad for eight years, my family settled in Collingwood and I founded Sakura Interiors in 2009, with an emphasis on functional, balanced interior design and decor for real life.

I simplify the home improvement process, saving you time, while helping you realize rooms that reflect your personal tastes and lifestyle. If you’re selling your home, I take the guesswork out of preparing your home for sale. This saves you time and eases the home selling process.

Before moving to Collingwood, I was an elementary school teacher. What I loved about teaching was giving students confidence to be themselves and skills to progress from their individual starting points. My approach to staging and decorating is similar. I want you to feel confident moving forward with your decorating or staging project – no matter what stage you’re at today – and I want to you be proud of the end result.

Outside of my business, I’m the wife of a supportive, dynamic husband, mother of two active young boys, and a lover of good restaurants, yoga, the outdoors, and all things related to travel and culture…except going through customs!